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A secure and powerful wallet for Aptos

Pontem Wallet is much more than a safe gateway to the Aptos ecosystem. It’s the first Aptos wallet that supports Ledger and built-in native dApps. Now you can explore DeFi, buy NFTs, stake APT, and more right in the wallet.

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Audited by HALBORN, OtterSec, Zellic
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200,000 people are already using Pontem Wallet
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Try Pontem Wallet Mobile App

Non-custodial Pontem Wallet for iOS is already live in App Store. Buy, store, send, and swap tokens and NFTs on your smartphone.

What makes Pontem Wallet the best crypto wallet for Aptos?

Control your coins & NFT

Pontem Wallet is a self-custody wallet, putting you in control of your coins, keys, and data. Safely story your crypto and NFTs in one place.

Explore Aptos dApps

Use your favourite decentralized apps and find new ones without leaving your wallet. We update the list constantly, so you'll never miss a new project.

Private & Secure

Built-in private key encryption, password-protected login, and additional security options keep your crypto safe and secure. Audited by Halborn.

Pontem Wallet Features

Store, send, and swap all Aptos tokens

Securely store and transfer APT, USDT, USDC, and other assets issued on the Aptos blockchain. Pontem is non-custodial: only you have control of your private keys, tokens, and NFTs.

Manage your NFT collection

Easily view your NFTs in the Collectibles tab. Connect to all major Aptos marketplaces, mint NFTs at almost no cost, and even buy NFT collectibles on Topaz directly in the wallet.

Connect to Aptos dApps

Aptos has 100+ dApps in its ecosystem, and almost all support Pontem. Check out the dApp tab and explore our verified partners like Liquidswap, Topaz, Ditto, Tortuga, Aries Markets, and more.

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Ledger support

Install the Aptos app on your Ledger device, connect and import Ledger accounts into Pontem Wallet, and interact with Aptos dApps fast and in full safety.

Native liquid staking

Stake APT with a special built-in integration to earn passive income. Use your liquid staking tokens in other DeFi tools for even more benefits.

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Personalize with NFT avatars

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Set an NFT as the avatar for each of your Pontem Wallet accounts to make them easily recognizable. You can even buy NFTs without leaving the wallet with our Topaz integration.

Attach Aptos Names to accounts

Have an Aptos Names domain name? Great – use it as the account name. Other Aptos users will be able to send you tokens using your unique .apt domain instead of an address.

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Built-in crypto swaps

We’ve integrated Liquidswap into Pontem Wallet so that you can exchange APT, USDT, and other crypto instantly. No need to go to a DEX website!

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Discover Aptos

The most scalable L1

Aptos is a Layer-1 blockchain that can process up to 160,000 transactions per second. The new Move language and Move Virtual Machine also make Aptos far safer than most L1 networks

Blazingly fast, incredibly cheap

With its sub-second finality and near-zero fees, Aptos is ideal for crypto transfers, DeFi, and GameFi. No wonder that there are already 100+ dApps in its ecosystem.

Pioneers of Aptos-powered Web3

Join Pontem as we build world-class audited products using Move and Move VM, including Pontem Wallet, Liquidswap, ByteBabel, Move Code Playground, and more.

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The pioneers of Aptos DeFi

Web3 dApps on Aptos are a billion-dollar opportunity. Pre-register and follow Pontem’s journey to build world-class products using Move and Move VM.

Discover Pontem

Pontem Network is a product studio building with Move in close partnership with the Aptos team. Our products include Pontem Wallet, Liquidswap DEX, ByteBabel (the first-ever Solidity to Move transpiler), and Move Code Playground, the first browser code editor for Move.

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