Non-Custodial wallet for Aptos

Pontem Wallet is your safe gateway to the Aptos ecosystem. Send and receive tokens, connect to dApps, and explore the power of the safest and most scalable blockchain on the first production ready wallet for Aptos. Built for institutions and available for all consumers.

If you want to install development version orrelease that doesn't meet store yet use GitHub repository

Try Pontem Wallet on mobile

Pontem Wallet for iOS is already available! Download it from App Store and enjoy all the great features on your smartphone. An Android app is coming soon.

Interact with Aptos dApps

As Pontem and other teams introduce more applications built on Aptos, Pontem Wallet will provide the safest and fastest way to connect to them.

Advanced NFT Support

Easily view your NFTs in the wallet’s dedicated Collectibles tab. Connect to all major NFT marketplaces on Aptos, mint NFTs at almost no cost, and send them to any address in the network.

Blazingly fast, incredibly cheap

With up to 160,000 tps, sub-second finality, and near-zero fees, Aptos is ideal for cryptocurrency transfers and DeFi

Buy and send all assets issued on Aptos

Securely store and transfer APTOS and other future tokens to be issued on the Aptos blockchain. This safe wallet is non-custodial: only you have control of your digital assets.

Discover Aptos

Aptos is a Layer-1 blockchain that can process up to 160,000 transactions per second with the time to finality of less than 1 second. Thanks to the use of the Move language and Move Virtual Machine, it is also far safer than most L1 blockchains. 

Partners and backers

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Android wallet


Liquidswap integration


NFT mobile integrations


More native integrations


EVM integration

Q3 - Q4

Allow any developer to create integration

Discover Pontem

Pontem Network creates cutting-edge products based on Move that can be deployed across blockchains. Pontem Wallet is just the beginning: our vision is a full dApp ecosystem leveraging the security and speed of Aptos and Move.

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Web3 dApps on Aptos are a billion-dollar opportunity. Pre-register and follow Pontem’s journey to build world-class products using Move and Move VM.